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Let us perk you up with Dangle Dots. A solution created for lovers of chunky, large and heavy statement earrings, Dangle Dots provide you with the reinforcements your ears will thank you for. Made from skin safe silicone, these adhesive patches stick to the back of your earlobes and provide them with some heavy duty support.  

Regularly wearing large or heavy earrings can not only cause discomfort and strain, but can also cause earlobes to tear or stretch. Dangle Dots provide instant relief from pressure and tearing and are super easy to apply. They are worn invisibly at the back of the earlobe in order to bear the weight of your earring.

Stretched earlobes? No problem, these patches have you covered. Just apply two patches to one ear. One on the back and one on the front behind your earring stud - this will act as a second skin and give your ears the relief they’ve been craving! Find out more about Dangle Dots and how they lift you up here

The invisible lifesaver and 100% waterproof, Dangle Dots are silicone adhesive patches made from medical grade silicone and completely skin safe. Good for sensitive skin, Dangle Dots work thanks to science mixed with a little bit of magic. This multifunctional patch supports the earring, stops it from slipping with it’s textured surface while also supporting your ear lobes. 

With 6 individual sheets of 10 Dangle Dots per sheet, there’s a total of 60 Dangle Dots per pack. This makes packs great for sharing, or as a treat for your statement earrings lover self!

Dangle Dots will revolutionise the way you wear earrings. Our support patches help earrings sit upright and reduce slipping while decreasing the discomfort from wearing heavier earrings. Add a pair of Dangle Dots to your cart today and instantly relieve the discomfort and sagging associated with heavy earrings. Happy earring shopping! Shop our wide range of colourful, bright and oh so lovely earrings here.