Dangle Dots

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I take advantage of the introductory BUY 2, GET 1 FREE offer?
If you hop onto the Dangle Dots website, we have a dedicated product page with drop down option to select the introductory offer HERE. Alternatively, you can add 3 individual packs to your cart, and one pack will become free at the checkout stage. Too easy!

What are Dangle Dots?
Dangle Dots are skin safe silicone patches that adhere to the back of your earlobes and alleviates some of the weight and discomfort associated with wearing heavy statement earrings.

How do Dangle Dots work?!
Simply put, Dangle Dots work thanks to science mixed with a little bit of magic. The silicone patch is skin safe, sticks to the back of your lobes and grips snugly to both your ear, and your earrings. Think of this as a monkey grip, or a supportive bra… whichever analogy works better for you. This patch supports the earring, stops it from slipping with its textured surface, holds it upright and relieves some of the weight away from your delicate little lobes.

Do you wholesale?
We certainly do! We want everyone to know about the magic of these little lobe pads. Whether you’re an independent jeweller, fashion boutique, gift shop, or big company - we’d love to hear from you! Please send us an email at hello@dangledots.com to enquire about wholesaling.

Can I reuse Dangle Dots?
We do not advise you reuse Dangle Dots as they are intended to be a one-time use only product for hygiene reasons. Dangle Dots do also lose their stickiness with wear. However, some customers have advised us that they’ve gotten 2 - 3 wears out of each pair of their Dangle Dots. If you store your Dangle Dots properly and hygienically, they may be last for more than one wear.

How many Dangle Dots are in a pack?
There’s a total of 60 Dangle Dots per pack, meaning each pack has 30 pairs total. There are 6 individual sheets of Dangle Dots, with 10 Dots (or 5 pairs) per sheet in each Dangle Dots pack. This makes packs great for sharing, or as a treat for your statement earring lover self!

I have torn earlobes, will these work for me?
Absolutely! We recommend Dangle Dots for torn little lobes in need of some earring love. If your earlobes are completely torn through, send us a little email at hello@dangledots.com and we’ll let you know whether these magic lobe pads will be right for you.

I have stretched lobes (from stretcher/spacer earrings etc.), will these work for me?
They certainly will! We have a friend over in the USA with stretched out lobes from wearing stretchers in the past. This friend has used one Dangle Dots patch on both the front of her lobe, and back of her lobe. The patch at the front is completely covered by the larger earring stud top, while the Dangle Dots patch hidden underneath adds extra support and creates what we can only describe as a second skin. If you are unsure whether this will work for you or not, send us an email at hello@dangledots.com and we’ll look at your individual needs.

I’m sold… where do I get some?!
Right here! https://dangledots.com
Or contact one of our stockists to get your hands on Dangle Dots today.
Stockists list COMING SOON. Send us an email to locate your closest stockist.

How much is shipping?
Our shipping is a flat fee of $4.95 Australia wide.

Can I return Dangle Dots?
Unfortunately we cannot accept any returns of Dangle Dots due to change of mind at this point in time (this is purely for hygiene reasons).